About Us

Lingkar Studi Cendekia (LSC) is a forum of Indonesian students and scholars in the United Kingdom who aims to develop critical thinking and academic discussions among Indonesian community in the UK. Founded in 29 March 2015 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, it regularly organises public discussions and supports its member to contribute to policy debate in Indonesia. It has original founding members from three cities around Yorkshire – Bradford, Leeds, and York— and its membership has, until present, expanded to Bristol, Huddersfield, London, Manchester, Oxford, and Sheffield. As an ‘epistemic community’, LSC is committed to discuss critical topics and publishes insightful ideas from its members.

LSC has organised seven round discussions in several cities in the UK. Wide range of topic has been discussed, including terrorism, health insurance system, general elections, economic crises, labour movement, and most recently issues related to technology and nationalism in Indonesia. It has invited several speakers, mostly Indonesian students who are pursuing their PhD in the UK, to discuss the issue in a public discussion. It also publishes several notes and articles in Indonesian media as well as stimulating literary tradition among its members. In 2016, LSC is going to launch its regular journal on policy studies, which aims to stimulate wider involvement from Indonesian students and scholars around the world.  LSC collaborates with several Indonesian communities in the UK, including the Indonesian Students’ Association (PPI).